July 21, 2014

This past weekend Council of Canadians Winnipeg Chapter member Linda Goosen joined other allies at Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.  This Ojibwa or Ontario Saulteaux First Nation community is located in the Eastman Region of Manitoba and the Kenora District of Ontario (Treaty 3). Marking 100 years since their land was flooded, the people of Shoal Lake 40 invited friends and allies to come and listen to their stories.  Linda was kind enough to type up her experience to help educate more people about this unacceptable situation. 


July 18, 2014

Earlier this week Angela and I were able to attend a media conference and voice our support for the Innu-Malecite-Mi’gmaq Alliance for the Protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence's call for a 12-year moratorium. The Alliance has asked for an integrated environmental assessment to take place before drilling is allowed. Leaders of these nations brought forward the point that little is known about the possible effects of oil and gas projects within the Gulf's unique and fragile ecosystem. "The Gulf is a highly productive body of water and the diversity is very rich. No one can tell what effect a blowout like that of the Deepwater Horizon accident can have on the food chain," said Chief Claude Jeanotte of the Mi'kmaq community of Gespeg in Quebec.

July 17, 2014

For the second time this week, work has been shut down on Enbridge’s Line 9.  Today individuals from Six Nations, the Council of Canadians and other allies interrupted an ‘integrity dig’.

Individuals involved asked workers to leave, asserting that the land is Haudenosaunee territory guaranteed under the Haldimand deed, and that Enbridge’s workers were present without consent or consultation. 

July 17, 2014
Photo: Broderick speaks at the rally this afternoon. Photo by The Island Peace Committee.
Photo: Broderick speaks at the rally this afternoon. Photo by The Island Peace Committee.

The Guardian newspaper reports, "A rally will be held in Charlottetown Thursday calling for peace in the Middle East and for the violence against the Palestinian people in Gaza to end. Leo Broderick, with the Island Peace Committee and the Canadian Peace Alliance, says he believes more attention must be paid to the tragic killing and wounding of civilians in Gaza."

July 17, 2014

The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with the Innu, Maliseet and Mi’gmag First Nations of Eastern Canada, who are calling for a 12-year moratorium on oil and gas development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and an integrated environmental assessment by an independent panel.

We share the concerns raised at the Innu-Malecite-Mi’gmaq Alliance for the Protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence media conference held on July 16, 2014 in K’jipuktuk (Halifax). The issues raised include the lack of consultation with First Nations, rights to the natural resources contained within the Gulf’s water and shores, and the inability to respond in an emergency spill situation. The possibility of a legal action exists if First Nations rights are not acknowledged, and we will support this in whatever way we can.