May 21, 2015

Facebook event

Caribou Legs, an Indigenous ultra-marathon runner, will be starting his 4800-kilometre run across the country starting this coming Monday June 1 at 9 am with a rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Yellowknife-based runner will be running from Vancouver to Ottawa to highlight the waterways across this country that are under threat from pipelines, fracking, mining and extreme energy projects, especially under the Harper government.

Council of Canadians water campaigner Emma Lui says, "The Harper government's 2012 omnibus budget bills implemented sweeping changes to environmental laws and removed critical safeguards for water protection including: eliminating 3,000 federal environmental assessments through amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; removing protections for 99 per cent of lakes and rivers by changing the Navigable Water Protection Act, and gutting the Fisheries Act."

May 21, 2015

Summer Rock the Vote Challenge 

We have 150 days to end 9 years of Conservative rule. 

We’ve seen cuts to social services we value, meanwhile, corporate tax cuts for the richest while it gets harder for the rest of us. People from coast to coast feel it is time for a change. The next Federal election is October 19th, giving us 150 days to make that change happen. 

In 2011, 2/3 of young people did not vote in the last election, that is 1.8 million eligible youth, and meanwhile, the Harper government got a majority with just over 6,000 votes in key ridings. Young people are more likely to vote progressively, and if more of us voted, we could be game-changers.

We are excited to be launching the Rock the Vote Summer Challenge. Over the course of the summer, youth will be collecting vote pledges at concerts, festivals, in parks and coffee shops, at university/college summer schools, BBQs, and just about anywhere that we hang out. 

May 21, 2015

Campaigners opposed to water privatisation demonstrate in Rome’s Piazza Navona in 2010. The plan was ultimately rejected by Italy’s constitutional court. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

Co-authored by Mark Dearn, trade campaigner at War on Want, published in The Guardian.

May 21, 2015
Kamloops chapter
Photo: (l-r) Rick Turner, Bill Sundhu, Barbara Nederpel, Anita Strong.

The Council of Canadians Kamloops chapter is lobbying federal party candidates to support public health care.

Yesterday, chapter activist Anita Strong and allies met with Bill Sundhu, the NDP candidate for the federal riding of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo. Today, there will be a meeting with Steve Powrie, the Liberal candidate for that riding. They had hoped to also meet with Cathy McLeod, the Conservative MP for the riding, but she was reportedly too busy to meet with them.

These meetings are part of the Canadian Health Coalition's National Spring Constituency Lobby for Public Health Care.

May 21, 2015

cetaWhere does the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador now stand on the issue of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)?

In January of this year, the provincial government announced that it was "suspending all participation in, and commitment to be bound by the outcomes of any trade agreement currently under negotiation by Canada." The province's Minister of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development Darin King even stated, "We [could] pull the plug on CETA and Newfoundland will no longer be a part of the deal."