October 27, 2016




On Sunday I spent almost 5 hours helping to facilitate a direct action training for over 100 young people from all over Canada who came to Ottawa to participate in Climate 101, a youth and student led civil disobedience action to tell Justin Trudeau to reject Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, that climate leaders don’t build pipelines.

October 27, 2016
Global water rights advocates support WCC joining Blue Communities
Children at the WCC event. Photo: Ivars Kupcis/WCC

I was very pleased to award the World Council of Churches (WCC) a 'blue community' certificate on October 25. The WCC could potentially reach more than 500 million Christians worldwide in advocating the right to access water and sanitation. Protecting water and assuring just distribution of this life-giving resource is among the most critical of eco-justice issues.

Global water rights advocates support WCC joining Blue Communities, World Council of Churches, October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

This protest against CETA is taking place this hour in front of the European Commission building in Brussels.

An 11th hour deal has been struck between Belgium and the Belgian region of Wallonia to allow the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) to move forward.

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow has tweeted, "CETA deal has been made. Must see what it says. Will not be an easy ride even now. Horrible flawed deal and process. CETA 'deal' likely includes no ICS (ISDS) to be adopted right away which means it might never be in CETA at all! This would be huge."

October 27, 2016

Council of Canadians organizer AJ Klein and Wilderness Committee campaign director Joe Foy address the town hall last night. Photo by Torrance Coste.

The Council of Canadians and Wilderness Committee held a town hall meeting last night on the Site C dam.

More than 200 people came out for the event!

The outreach for the event had noted, "There's a heist happening in the province, a 9 billion dollar heist, and it's going on right under our noses! Even worse, the head bandit in charge of this whole scam was put in charge by taxpayers. Christy Clark is taking us all for a ride, and she's making a killing for her rich friends along the way. It's up to all of us to stop her. Join Grand Chief Stewart Phillip with the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Emma Gilchrist with DeSmog Blog, Ben Parfitt with the Canadian Centre for Policiy Alternatives, and Morag Keegan-Henry of Fight C for an evening of myth busting and truth telling. These folks will be cutting to the chase, and you'll leave with some knowledge and tools to help put an end to this boondoggle."

October 27, 2016

Photo by Lynaya Astephen.

The Council of Canadians Saint John chapter hosted a talk by Gordon Laxer last night on his book After the Sands: Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians.

Saint John chapter activist Lynaya Astephen says, "There was an excellent attendance of about 100 people."

Laxer is a political economist, a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, and the founding director of the Parkland Institute. He is also an opponent of the Trans Canada 1.1 million barrel per day Energy East tar sands export pipeline and a proponent of attaining energy security through the phasing out of carbon fuel use and transitioning to renewable energy.