December 1, 2015

Maude Barlow

Keynote speech from the International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, December 1, 2015

The challenge is stark. Peri-urban slums ring most of the developing world’s megacities where climate and food refugees are arriving in relentless numbers. Unable to access their traditional sources of water because they have been poisoned, overexploited or priced beyond reach, many must pay exorbitant prices to local water dealers or rely on drinking water contaminated with their own waste.

UN-Habitat reports that by 2030, more than half the populations of large urban centres will be slum dwellers and the US National Academy of Scientists says that by 2050, more than one billion of these urban slum dwellers will only have daily access to enough water to fill a small bathtub.

November 30, 2015

Victoria Chapter

Published in the Georgia Straight, November 27, 2015

As world leaders meet in Paris this weekend, the recent terrorist shootings in the city will still be on the minds of most delegates. Yet it will have to take second place to another kind of crisis: climate change. The impact of extreme weather, droughts, floods, and rising temperatures on our ecosystems, our economies, and our communities must be halted before it gets worse—much worse.

This will require a transition off of fossil fuels and on to cleaner forms of energy, which is 100 percent possible by 2050. One of the most insidious challenges of this transition, however, is the myth that fracking is a “bridge” to a low-carbon future.

November 30, 2015
The Line 3 route in Canada
The Line 3 route in Canada

What is the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline?

Bloomberg has reported, "Enbridge is focusing on expanding 'low-cost, incremental' projects like twinning existing pipelines to provide producers with new transportation capacity as they struggle with low crude prices, [Enbridge chief executive officer Al] Monaco told investors last month. The company’s $7.5-billion Line 3 replacement is the largest project."

Sun Media has noted, "Enbridge has several proposals in the works, including the replacement of most of the Line 3 pipeline between the existing Hardisty Terminal and Gretna, MB, consisting of 1,073 kilometers."

November 30, 2015

100% Possible March in Ottawa

This past weekend, on the eve of the COP 21 climate talks in Paris, 34 Council of Canadians chapters mobilized to say that a 100% clean economy is 100% possible by 2050. This mobilization included the Ottawa, Peterborough and Montreal chapters who took part in the 25,000 person march in Ottawa to Parliament Hill.

We are now hearing these reports:

November 30, 2015
Saint John  Screening in Saint John yesterday
Saint John Screening

Six Council of Canadians chapters screened the Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein film 'This Changes Everything' yesterday.

The Golden chapter screened the film at Jita's Café. Chapter activist Kuljit Jaswal told us - just after the film started last night - that "It's going well. We have a room full of people. Our MLA is here!"

Terrace Chapter
Terrace Screening

The Terrace chapter posted on their Facebook page, "Over 50 people attended the Terrace premiere of 'This Changes Everything' sponsored by the Terrace chapter of the Council of Canadians at the University of Northern British Columbia. Do your part to become an agent for climate salvation."