May 25, 2016

Roy Brady

Peterborough Health Coalition chairperson (and Council of Canadians Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter activist) Roy Brady plays a critical role as a watchdog over the operations of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Peterborough This Week reports, "After an 18-month $91,000 search, the Peterborough Regional Health Centre has hired a new boss from within. Dr. Peter McLaughlin, who was named interim president and CEO following the departure of Ken Tremblay in November 2014, was selected to lead the hospital. Tremblay left shortly before the hospital’s board of directors announced that $57 million in funding had been set aside but not properly recorded via a series of 'accounting errors'."

When the issue of the $57 million first arose almost two years ago now, Brady stated, "This is supposed to be a community hospital. It has become less and less of a community hospital over the years. ...The figures are right there on a monthly basis. Did the board not see them? That's the question that needs to be asked."

May 25, 2016

Winnipeg-based Council of Canadians organizer Brigette DePape with allies protesting against the TPP prior to a federal consultation in Manitoba, April 2016.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister wants the Trudeau government to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

CBC reports, "Manitoba's Progressive Conservative government is backing a huge free trade deal among a dozen countries. ...The PC government wants unanimous support for the TPP from all parties in the Legislature." Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen says, "It sends a more concrete message to the federal government that ... all parties support the initiative and support the agreement and if we can have that initiative brought forward on a unanimous basis it would deliver a stronger message for the Canadian government."

May 24, 2016

Ben Gotschall and Mark D'Arcy in Chipman. Photo by Angela Giles.

The Council of Canadians was in Chipman, New Brunswick tonight to help build grassroots opposition to the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Our panel of speakers featured Peace and Friendship Alliance member Alma Brooks, Nebraska rancher and Keystone XL pipeline opponent Ben Gotschall, and Fredericton-based Council of Canadians campaigner Mark D'Arcy.

The proposed Energy East pipeline would transport 1.1 million barrels of bitumen a day from the tar sands in northern Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick. It would involve the construction of 1,400 kilometres of new pipeline in New Brunswick and cross 280 waterways in the province. The drinking water in Edmundston, Saint Leonard, Saint Anne de Madawaska, Grand Falls, Cambridge Narrows, Hampton, Fredericton and Saint John would all be put at risk by an Energy East pipeline spill. If Energy East were approved, it would more than double (from 115 to 281) the number of oil supertankers in the Bay of Fundy each year.

May 24, 2016

If you haven’t been following the ongoing saga of ‘Canadian’ drug company Valeant Pharmaceuticals, you probably aren’t alone.   While news stories over the past year found their bombastic villain in pharma-bro Martin Shkreli (and fairly so), it could be argued that his price gouging model is based of Valeant.

May 24, 2016

South Niagara chapter activist Fiona McMurran with Maude Barlow.

Council of Canadians South Niagara chapter activist Fiona McMurran presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade earlier this month in Toronto.

On May 13, the Committee was at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to solicit input on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

In response to criticism that the public has had very limited access to these 'public hearings', the committee has begun to allocate two-minutes of time to individual speakers during the last hour of each of the one-day hearings in a session they have framed as "spontaneous presentations".

McMurran made very good use of the limited time provided her.