January 12, 2017

Photo by Harold Hommel, Victoria Stop Kinder Morgan vigil


January 12, 2017

Council of Canadians health care campaigner Michael Butler has written, "One of the distressing facts about the medical profession in Canada is that Big Pharma has a dangerous influence over physician prescribing habits."

He has highlighted, "It is estimated that drug companies spend a minimum of $60,000 per doctor per year on drug promotion. Pharmaceutical sales representatives 'visit doctors’ offices, providing wall charts and free samples, plus paying for doctors to attend conferences and give papers. It also means advertising drugs in medical journals and to the public at large. Nothing about this process is objective'."

January 11, 2017

Northumberland chapter activists and Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi.

The Council of Canadians Northumberland chapter met with Liberal MPP Lou Rinadli today to call on him to support a permanent moratorium on single-use bottled water takings in Ontario.

Chapter activist Faye McFarlane says, “We believe that water is for life, not for profit. We must protect our water as a commons. It is not a commodity to be bought and sold on the world market."

January 11, 2017

Picton Terminals photo.

The Council of Canadians Quinte chapter will support their ally Save Picton Bay at a Prince Edward County Council meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Save Picton Bay is concerned about the pollution resulting from Picton Terminals, a deep marine dockage on Picton Bay (a branch of the Bay of Quinte on the north shore of Lake Superior) that loads and unloads road salt, aggregates, farming products, steel, biomass and wine barrels.

County Live reports, "[In November 2016, the company] was issued more than a dozen work orders by the [Ontario] Ministry of Environment and Climate Change related to contamination of water, air and land. The orders followed complaints by neighbours and other members of the new group and seek compliance related to storage piles of salt and stormwater runoff, dust and spills from petroleum coke, (‘petcoke’) plans and measures to prevent discharge and removal of contaminants."

January 11, 2017

(From left-to-right is Don Ferguson, Len Hoyt, Premier Brian Gallant, and Ellen Creighton)

All new NEB Panel members for Energy East must be far above any appearance of bias and must be seen to be impartial.  It is critical that each and every member be at arm's length of any government that is actively lobbying for this project.

In their News Release on January 9, 2017, the National Energy Board announced their selection of the three-member Energy East Hearing Panel to review this proposed tar sands pipeline project.  The Panel will be Don Ferguson, Carole Malo, and Marc Paquin. 

Since the original three-member Energy East Hearing Panel stepped down in the Jean Charest scandal only a few months ago, the National Energy Board stressed in their News Release the following: