May 23, 2015

A low voter turnout has benefited both Harper and Cameron

The Guardian UK warns of the prospect of a Conservative minority or even majority government come the October 19th federal election.

It reports, "The reason parallels the situation in the UK, where David Cameron returned with a majority of seats conjured from a bare plurality of votes." In the recent UK election, 66.1 per cent of eligible voters voted, with 36.9 per cent of the popular vote giving Cameron a majority government with 51 per cent of the seats in Parliament. That roughly compares to the 2011 election in Canada when 61 per cent of eligible voters voted, with 39.6 per cent of the popular vote giving Harper a majority government with 53 per cent of the seats in Parliament.

May 22, 2015
Mary Robinson
Winnipeg chapter activist Mary Robinson speaks against the Energy East pipeline at the Bell Tower.

Council of Canadians activists from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories took part in the 'Meet Me at the Bell Tower' gathering this evening in Winnipeg. Chapter activists, Board members and staff are here this weekend for an annual regional meeting.

May 22, 2015

The Council of Canadians South Niagara and Hamilton chapters took part in a protest at Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's office in St. Catharines today.

Today's protest was part of an Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) call for regional days of action to stop health care cuts and privatization.

May 22, 2015

David BlackThe Council of Canadians Campbell River chapter is challenging the arguments made in a Black Press editorial in the Campbell River Mirror.

Black Press describes itself as, "Home to some of the oldest, most trusted community newspapers in North America. ...As the largest independently owned newspaper company in Canada, with more than 150 titles in print and online, Black Press has operations in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Hawaii, California and Ohio."

May 22, 2015
London event
Photo by Kevin Jones.

The Council of Canadians London chapter took part in a Raise the Rates campaign action yesterday.

As noted on the campaign's website, "The Raise the Rates Campaign, a coalition of poor people fighting back along with community and union allies, is not buying into [Ontario premier] Kathleen Wynne’s ‘social justice austerity’. We are demanding living wages, decent income, the reversing of cutbacks and adequate and secure ODSP [Ontario Disability Support Program] benefits. ...The Raise the Rates Campaign is calling on local communities to challenge MPPs during the week of May 18. During that week, they will be in their constituency offices and this is an ideal time to challenge the austerity and growing poverty that is being imposed in this Province."

They highlight that: