February 9, 2016
CFS parliament hill
Students lobby MPs for public education for the public good.

The Council of Canadians supports the call for free tuition for university students.

The Canadian Press reports, "The largest organization for post-secondary students in Canada is calling on the federal government to fund university and college education the same way it does health care and enshrine it in legislation. The Canadian Federation of Students is pushing for a federal post-secondary education bill that would see the federal government become more active in an area of provincial jurisdiction. The student group says the federal government should repurpose cash used for programs like the registered education savings plan and instead create a $3.3-billion annual transfer for provinces to make post-secondary education free for students."

February 9, 2016


The Council of Canadians Victoria chapter and allies are organizing a community forum on Feb. 17 about the proposed Steelhead-Malahat liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.

February 8, 2016

In a news article late this afternoon, CBC indicates that the financial terms between the City of Saint John and the private consortium who won the contract to upgrade the city's water delivery system were settled just last week. The finalized documents will be discussed at the Saint John Council meeting tonight.

The CBC article states, "The deal will see a consortium of private companies under the umbrella of Port City Water Partners, which will design, finance, build and then operate the city's water treatment system for 30 years.

"Construction is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2018."

February 8, 2016


There is a growing wall of Indigenous opposition to the Energy East pipeline.

In May 2014, the Globe and Mail reported, "Some 70 First Nations leaders met in Winnipeg recently to plan a strategy they hope will block TransCanada’s ambitious plan to ship more than 1 million barrels a day of crude from Western Canada to refiners and export terminals in the East..." La Presse added (in French), "The meeting brought together activists and citizens, but the presence of grand chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs [AMC] represents 'a growing sense of unity' among First Nations against the project, according to Clayton Thomas-Muller of the Indigenous Environmental Network."

February 8, 2016
Credit @rrose84
Photo: Council of Canadians organizers Angela Giles and Tori Ball joined the picket line on Jan. 25. Twitter photo @rrose84

The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with the Halifax Typographical Union.

On Feb. 1, the Canadian Press reported, "The 61 editorial staff have been off the job since Jan. 23. The union is striking against a list of contract concessions which Herald management says are needed to cope with economic challenges affecting the North American newspaper industry. Among a host of proposed changes, the newspaper wants to reduce wages, lengthen working hours, and alter future pension benefits. The union has said it would remain a union 'in name only' if it agrees to more than 1,232 changes to the existing contract."