Take Action to Stop the Unfair Elections Act

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Let People Vote
Photo: Chapter activist Marion Moore in South Shore

On March 25, Council of Canadians supporters and chapter activists rallied in front of Conservative MP offices across Canada to oppose the "Unfair" Elections Act.

Groups delivered a petition signed by more than 80,000 people opposing the Conservatives' proposed Fair Elections Act, which would require unnecessarily strict voter ID that could prevent hundreds of thousands from voting in the next federal election and limit the powers of the Chief Elections Officer.

The Council of Canadians teamed up with the Canadian Federation of Students and Leadnow to organize the national day of action. Watch this video to learn more:

A recent poll shows that a majority of Canadians oppose the provisions in the Unfair Elections Act that would eliminate the voucher system, prevent Elections Canada from publicly reporting on election fraud, and cancel Elections Canada's research and public education programs.

"The Unfair Elections Act does nothing to bring to justice the people behind the widespread election fraud in 2011 and would actually make it harder to catch perpetrators of election fraud like Pierre Poutine," said Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. "Canadians have the right to know when election fraud has been reported and if it is being investigated. The fact that this bill would prevent that is deeply troubling."

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