Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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Secret negotitation location revealed
The Council of Canadians outside the Delta Ottawa City Centre to draw attention to the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership talks taking place inside. Photo: Ben Powless

Across Canada and around the world, people are speaking out about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP). They are rallying against the secrecy of the 12-country negotiations and the corporate agenda behind the deal.

On February 12, 2015 legislators in seven of the 12 TPP countries issued the following joint statement about the negotiations:

"We, the undersigned legislators from countries involved in the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, call on the Parties to the negotiation to publish the draft text of the Agreement before any final agreement is signed with sufficient time to enable effective legislative scrutiny and public debate."

In Canada, the statement was endorsed by the federal NDP and the Green Party of Canada. It is the simplest of demands for democracy on a “trade” deal that threatens to undermine the very notion of the public good, by giving corporations more power to undermine public policy.

Click here to amplify this message to Canada’s international trade minister and members of the parliamentary trade committee.

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