Report - Alternative Federal Budget 2015

In Delivering the Good: Alternative Federal Budget 2015, the Council of Canadians calls for funds to implement a national water policy in order to combat the hundreds of drinking water advisories in effect. The Alternative Federal Budget is calling for an annual investment of $4.2 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure for municipalities and First Nations, including targeted funding for small municipalities. The Council of Canadians’ report On Notice for a Drinking Water Crisis drew attention to the thousands of people in Canadian and Indigenous communities who are not able to drink their tap water. 

Delivering the Good points to how the gutting of environmental legislation and slashing of water programs and research threaten drinking water. In 2012, the Conservative government clawed back the Fisheries Act, delisted 99% of lakes and rivers under the Navigation Protection Act, and changed the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act in such a way that cancelled 3000 environmental assessments. Fracking and pipeline projects like Energy East are listed as examples of risks to drinking water.





Thursday, March 19, 2015