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Council of Canadians tells MPs to stop infrastructure privatization

Analysis 5 days ago
Excerpts from Climate and Social Justice Campaigner Dylan Penner’s presentation to Members of Parliament about why the Canada Infrastructure Bank should stop…

Don’t let corporate lobbyists stand in the way of universal pharmacare

Analysis 6 days ago
After years of pledging to deliver pharmacare, the federal Liberals have yet again failed to follow through on that promise.

BREAKING: Nestle sells water business to Wall St for $4.3 Billion

Analysis 1 week ago
This week’s news that Nestlé is selling its bottled water interests in Canada is a capitalistic déjà vu for communities that have been fighting the bottled…

Trudeau's transit announcement throws Just Recovery under the bus

Analysis 2 weeks ago
The federal government has announced new funding for transit infrastructure. Our movement needs to ramp up organizing for sustained operational funding and for…