Canada needs a Health Care Accord

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Canada is facing an important next step in our medicare history. In 2014, the current health care accord – the deal that sets funding and health care service delivery agreements between the federal and provincial and territorial governments – expired. The federal government continues to ignore calls by the provinces and territories to work on a deal, and shockingly announced $36 billion worth of health care cuts.

The Council of Canadians believes public health care needs to be protected, strengthened and expanded. We believe that everyone – provincial and territorial governments, First Nations and the federal government – should come together to negotiate a health care accord that delivers better, more efficient, quality public health care. The accord should include a national pharmacare program and better home care and long term care for our aging population.

Council of Canadians’ chapter activists and supporters are active in communities across Canada for public health care. Through rallies, public events and working with health coalitions and other groups, we are on the front lines of the fight to ensure Canadians have the best public health care system possible.