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Privatization is a climate killer

Analysis 6 hours ago
Only the public sector and community ownership can drive a just transition away from fossil fuels

Four more years of Ford means community organizing must continue

Analysis 3 days ago
Earlier this month the Progressive Conservatives, led by Doug Ford, came out with their second majority government, and many communities and progressive…

JOINT LETTER: Lowest common-denominator deal for COVID-19 tools shows just how broken WTO is

Update 1 week ago
More than two years into a pandemic that has killed 15 million people, World Trade Organization intellectual property barriers shamefully remain a deadly…

PRESS RELEASE: Prominent Canadian and international figures urge PM Trudeau to back the global call for a patent waiver

Update 2 weeks ago
  Health and justice advocates say Canada has been “out of step with the rest of the world.” THE COUNCIL OF CANADIANS OTTAWA – In the lead-up to the…