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Carbon capture is not a climate solution

Update 2 weeks ago
On behalf of our millions of members and supporters across the United States, Canada, and globally, we are writing to express deep concerns about our…

Alberta Coal Rush: Who will win and who will lose? (Part 2)

Analysis 3 weeks ago
The economic boom promised by the coal industry is a fairy tale woven from speculation and wishful thinking. Missing from the story are the economic and…

Win! Pieridae Energy gives up on Goldboro LNG!

Analysis 1 month ago
Today Pieridae Energy announced that they are giving up on their Goldboro LNG project. The company says it will look at “Strategic Alternatives” to the …

Net-Zero Act passes in the nick of time

Analysis 1 month ago
Canada’s net-zero accountability act has passed into law just before parliament breaks for the summer – but will it deliver climate action before it’s too late?