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Modor March

About us

Our mission is to…

Bring people together through collective action and grassroots organizing to challenge corporate power and advocate for people, the planet and our democracy.

Our Vision is to

The Council of Canadians believes we all do better when:

Advocate for a society built on democracy, justice and care for each other. We believe we can learn from the perspectives and struggles of others as we work together for a more just world.

  • We expand and improve our public services and social programs.
  • We ensure access to clean water is a human right and stop water privatization.
  • Our governments work for people and not for corporations or the wealthiest 1%.
  • Everyone lives with dignity and respect, and systems of oppression such as racism and colonization are dismantled.

We do this by

Bringing people together to take collective action and build grassroots community power as we work for a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With our members, supporters and chapter activists, we learn, organize and act together as we fight for clean water, fair trade, strengthened public health care, climate justice and democracy.

We challenge corporate power and influence and strengthen our democracy.

We protect the Commons – ecological, social and cultural resources shared by all – from privatization and abuse.

We work for social, economic and environmental justice.

Our values

We work for justice
Most governments support an economic system that puts profit and unlimited growth above the vital needs of people and the planet. We believe in the need for transformative change based on the principles of justice and democracy in the absence of true leadership by governments.
We bring people together
We work in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, migrants and racialized people, regardless of status, and those who face social, economic and environmental injustices.
We are independent and non-partisan
We operate without a penny of corporate or government money. Our work is sustained by the generous donations of our supporters and members. This financial independence allows our advocacy work to be direct and uncompromising.
We are democratic
We are a grassroots organization built on democratic principles. These principles provide an open membership and give all members a voice and vote in our organization. We are accountable to the groups we work with and to the frontline activists and communities we support.
Together, we create a powerful voice for social, economic and environmental change. Be a part of it. Want to learn more about our chapters? Check them out here!

Strategic Plan

See our Strategic Plan, which reflects feedback from staff, the Board, Chapter activists and donors. It sets our direction for the next three years and provides the foundation and rationale for annual operational plans and budgets.

Read our Annual Report and view the 2022 audited financial statements.