ACTION ALERT – NEB: We need a fair pipeline review

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Energy East: Our Risk. Their Reward.TransCanada is expected to file their Energy East pipeline full project description with the National Energy Board (NEB) soon.

The Canadian government and Big Oil companies know they can only build this pipeline if the NEB ignores the facts and ignores the will of the people.

If approved, TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project would convert an up to 40-year-old natural gas pipeline from Saskatchewan to Ontario, connecting it with new pipeline through Quebec and on to Saint John, New Brunswick. Transporting 1.1 million barrels of oil every day, it would be the largest oil pipeline in North America.

The pipeline would ship diluted bitumen (dilbit) produced in the tar sands. Dilbit isn’t like conventional oil – a dilbit spill would have devastating environmental impacts in communities, sensitive ecosystems and waterways that would be nearly impossible to clean up, as shown by tar sands pipeline ruptures in Mayflower, Arkansas and in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan.

Filling the pipeline would result in more than 650,000 barrels per day of additional tar sands production, which means even more toxic exposure for downstream communities and further Indigenous rights violations.  

The increase in tar sands production would generate up to 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year – more than any single Atlantic province.

The vast majority of the tar sands oil would be exported to other countries unrefined.

We get all the risk, TransCanada gets all the reward.

It's time for a people's intervention

Despite not having the full project description from TransCanada, the NEB has released a “list of issues” that it will use to guide the evaluation of the project before making final recommendations to the federal cabinet. The list leaves out significant issues such as the impacts of increased carbon emissions, the impacts of increased tar sands production on downstream First Nations, and the fact that almost all of the crude shipped will be exported unrefined.  

That is why the Council of Canadians has asked the Federal Court of Appeal to set aside the NEB’s list of issues for the proposed Energy East pipeline.

We need your help

Stopping the Energy East pipeline is crucial to halting the tar sands expansion that is violating Indigenous rights, threatening communities along the pipeline route, and driving dangerous climate change.

We can stop it. Tell NEB Chair Peter Watson to include climate impacts and people's voices in the Energy East pipeline review.

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