📞Nova Scotia: Call for climate justice in the upcoming election!


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A recent poll conducted by the Council of Canadians, the Ecology Action Centre and the Sierra Club Canada Foundation confirmed that 4 out of 5 people in Nova Scotia want a just transition away from a fossil fueled economy. Consistent with the global call to end fossil fuel extraction, and the urgent need to act on climate change, voters are asking for the immediate renewal of the moratorium on drilling on Georges Bank, an end to all offshore oil and gas exploration, and to invest energy and money into renewables and energy efficiency. Nova Scotians also want an energy shift that will create jobs and support workers through the transition.

Will you step up and take this on? As a candidate in the upcoming provincial election, this mandate from voters could not be clearer or more straightforward: we want you to take the bold actions required to address and alleviate the ongoing climate crisis. Please act now to become an official with a plan!