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Say No to Thermal Coal Exports!

In recent months, Council of Canadians chapters and supporters have helped to deliver a series of crushing setbacks to the expansion of metallurgical (steel-making) coal mining in Alberta. 

Now, we need to build on that momentum – and we need your support.  

To move Canada beyond coal altogether, we must work to put an immediate end to thermal coal production and exports.  

Thermal coal, used to generate electricity, is the world’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. And while the government has committed to ending our domestic dependence on coal-powered electricity by 2030, Canada continues to export millions of tonnes of both Canadian and American coal. 

As long as these exports continue, Canada will be an emissions enabler – not the international climate leader it claims to be.   

Sign our letter and demand that the federal government act now to ban thermal coal exports by 2023!