Demand end to bottled water takings in Ontario

Updating Ontario’s Water Quantity Management Framework
ERO number: 019-1340

To: Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Jeff Yurek and the Environmental Registry of Ontario

Two-thirds of people in Ontario want the provincial government to phase out all single-use bottled water takings. I am one of them and am calling on you to protect water as a human right and ensure it is there for future generations.

Disappointingly, Ontario’s newly proposed water management framework will continue to allow water takings for bottling, going against the wishes of the majority of Ontarians.

I urge the Province of Ontario to listen to Ontarians and:

1. Phase out current permits for bottled water facilities,

2. Seek free, prior and informed consent of affected Indigenous Peoples and hold public, consultations to determine how to prioritize water use based on the human right to water,

3. Expand the regulatory review to include all water taking permits,

4. Give communities the right to say no to commercial extraction permits,

5. Make all the scientific data public and easily accessible.

This is your government’s opportunity to protect water in Ontario for today and for future generations. Please act now to put an end to water takings for bottling and strengthen all water taking regulations.