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Gaza Ceasefire Phone Zap

The latest ruling from the International Court of Justice has required Israel to take proactive steps to prevent genocide in the Gaza strip. In light of the court’s ruling and the provisional measures it ordered, we are renewing our call for a permanent ceasefire and urge the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to resume humanitarian aid funding to UNRWA and immediately suspend all arms exports to Israel.

Please use the tool below to call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly, and the members of the standing committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development to commit to these urgent needs.


Hello, my name is _______. I live in ________ and my postal code is ________.

I am calling to demand that Canada call for a permanent ceasefire following the International Court of Justice’s ruling that proactive steps be taken to prevent genocide in Gaza. Canada should also:

  • provide increased and uninterrupted humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip, including resuming funding to UNRWA,
  • immediately end all arms exports to Israel,
  • support a negotiated release of all hostages, and
  • support an end to the longstanding blockade of Gaza by the Israeli government.

These actions are essential to preventing further loss of life in the region and to create the conditions for a lasting and just peace. Canada has a moral and legal obligation to ensure the ICJ ruling is enforced, and to adjust our own actions in order to prevent genocide.

(Insert your own talking points.)

I urge you to act now! Thank you for your time.

Don’t Hang Up!

Press star (*) on your phone to connect to the next MP

Note: We will randomize the order in which these MPs are called in order to reduce busy signals.

Targets: Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs (FAAE)

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 1-613-992-4211
  • Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Liberal) 613-992-0983
  • Ali Ehsassi, FAAE Standing Committee Chair (Liberal) 613-992-4964
  • Michael Chong, FAAE Standing Committee Vice-Chair (Conservative) 613-992-4179
  • Stephane Bergeron, FAAE Standing Committee Vice-Chair (Bloc Québécois) 613-996-2416
  • Ziad Aboultaif, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Conservative) 613-992-0946
  • Omar Alghabra, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Liberal) 613-992-1301
  • Sophie Chatel, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Liberal) 613-995-3950
  • Dave Epp, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Conservative) 613-992-2612
  • Hedy Fry, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Liberal) 613-992-3213
  • Randy Hoback, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Conservative) 613-995-3295
  • Heather McPherson, FAAE Standing Committee Member (NDP) 613-995-7325
  • Robert Oliphant, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Liberal) 613-992-2855
  • Sameer Zuberi, FAAE Standing Committee Member (Liberal) 613-992-2689