No Energy East pipeline through Ontario

Infographic: How much oil is that?Extreme energy projects are threatening Ontario as never before. There is an intense push to export massive amounts of crude through Ontario, putting important waterways and our drinking water at risk for the sole benefit of Big Oil companies. It is time for the Premier of Ontario to say no to this profit-driven madness that will greatly increase climate emissions and threaten our waterways.

We are at a critical point in history. If we don’t reduce our use of fossil fuels - including exports - we will continue on a path towards catastrophic climate change and put future generations at risk.

[Send a letter to Premier Wynne, provincial leaders and environment critics below]

TransCanada Pipelines wants to transport 1.1 million barrels of crude from Alberta, through Ontario to export ports in Quebec and Saint John, New Brunswick.  The proposed Energy East would be the largest oil pipeline in North America. Close to one million barrels per day is expected to be for export.

To save money, TransCanada wants to convert a 40 year-old existing natural gas pipeline (which has already had a number of ruptures) between Saskatchewan and Ontario.   

The pipeline would ship diluted bitumen produced in the tar sands across some of Ontario’s most important waterways. Diluted bitumen is unlike conventional oil. The Enbridge pipeline spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan showed that diluted bitumen sinks when spilled in water, causing devastating environmental impacts that are nearly impossible to clean up.

The National Energy Board has also just rubber-stamped their approval of Line 9 across southern Ontario and Quebec despite a pipeline safety expert’s testimony that there is a 90 per cent chance of a catastrophic failure within a few years of the project operating.  The NEB gave Enbridge Pipelines everything it asked for while drastically restricting who could testify at the hearings and what they would be allowed to say.

The federal government has no interest in preventing climate change or protecting drinking water. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stacked the National Energy Board with oil industry insiders. Given that there is essentially nobody at the federal level protecting our water, it is up to Premier Wynne to step in before something terrible happens. Pointing fingers at the feds after a catastrophe won’t do us any good. We must act now

Council of Canadians chapters in Ontario ask you to join thousands of other Ontarians in demanding that Premier Wynne protect our water and our climate from these irresponsible extreme energy projects by sending your letter today.

To: Premier Wynne, provincial leaders and environment critics

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