📞 Dial Mike Kelloway to ditch fossil fuel subsidies!


Sample Call Script


My name is _____ and I live in (riding name/town name). I’m calling because I am aware that Mike Kelloway has a meeting scheduled with representatives of the Council of Canadians to talk about the Goldboro LNG project. I want to add my voice on this issue – the federal government should under no circumstances be funding the Goldboro LNG project.

I don’t want to see public dollars spent on this project. Liquified Natural Gas is not a climate solution – it is a fossil fuel. This project poses environmental and social risks to people in Nova Scotia and beyond. Building new fossil fuel infrastructure is the opposite of climate action.

We need to invest in a just transition to a low-carbon future. This transition can create jobs, tackle pressing social inequities, and address the climate crisis. Why would we invest in Goldboro LNG when we should be focused on investing in a just transition?

I want to see Mike Kelloway value the climate more than Pieridae’s empty promises and reject the one-billion-dollar funding request for Goldboro LNG.