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Public Pharmacare Now

Sign the petition calling for universal, public pharmacare

Inflation is eating away at our pocketbooks, forcing millions of us to choose between paying the rent, buying groceries, or filling our prescriptions. And sky-high drug prices are taking billions from our hospitals, at a time when we need to massively re-invest to save public health care. A publicly-funded, universal drug coverage program – also known as pharmacare – could change this.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government committed to passing a Canada Pharmacare Act by the end of 2023. Legislation is expected to be tabled in the fall. Right now, Big Pharma and its insurance industry allies are working to torpedo the whole project.

Sign this petition to call on the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada to pass legislation immediately to create legislation for a public, single-payer, universal pharmacare program, as outlined by the Advisory Council on Implementing National Pharmacare in its 2019 report. Health care is a human right – our age, income, pre-existing conditions, province of residence or immigration status should not determine our ability to access the medicines we need.


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