Petition: Save our Great Lakes Forever

Decades of mismanagement and heavy industrial overuse have left the Great Lakes suffering from a multitude of threats, including rapidly falling water levels as a result of commercial over-extraction and climate change, devastating levels of pollution, risky shipments of radioactive materials, increasing loss of wetland and more. As the essential source of drinking water for more than 40 million people on both sides of the border, we must fundamentally change the way the Great Lakes are viewed, managed and protected.

Sign on to the “Great Lakes Forever” petition below – add your voice today to the growing number of people across Canada and around the world who are calling for a different, and better, future for the Great Lakes.

Tell Prime Minister Harper that the Great Lakes must be recognized as part of the Commons, a Public Trust and a Protected Bioregion so we can ensure their health and protection today and for the benefit of generations to come.

Take action now!

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