Pledge to Protect Water

Water is a human right and a public trust to be shared, protected, carefully managed and enjoyed by all. It must not be a source of profit. The escalating climate crisis, threats of droughts, pollution and over-extraction mean we must be more vigilant and adamant in our fight to protect water for our communities and for future generations.

Nestlé has taken billions of litres of pure, clean and vital water from underground aquifers in Canada and sold them for huge profit. Meanwhile, communities are struggling with severe droughts, dwindling water supplies for community uses, and plastic bottles are clogging up our landfills and waterways.

With your help, we are building grassroots opposition to Nestlé. We are pushing back on all efforts to commodify water for profit, demanding better regulations and supporting community-led efforts across Canada to protect water.

The most powerful tool against the commodification of water is an informed and organized network of people committed to safeguarding water as a public trust and shared commons.

Yes! I pledge to always protect water and say no to bottled water, especially Nestlé’s: