Premier Wynne: No tar sands pipeline through Ontario

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The Ontario government recently announced that it will hold public consultations on TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline.

This is great news for communities with serious concerns about this pipeline. Our voices will be heard in a real public consultation – not just the corporate tradeshows that TransCanada’s been holding.

But during Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s first official trip to Alberta a few weeks ago, she made some deeply concerning comments about the Energy East pipeline. She emphasized the positive impact of Alberta’s oil and gas industry on Ontario and considers “moving crude eastward a ‘national project.’”

Running from Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick, Energy East is the largest pipeline under consideration in Canada. The pipeline would ship 1.1 million barrels of crude per day, far surpassing controversial pipeline proposals such as Keystone XL.

The TransCanada project involves many risks and questionable benefits for Ontario. The Energy East pipeline threatens Ontario with a devastating diluted bitumen spill, puts Ontario’s gas supply at risk and facilitates reckless expansion in the tar sands.

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