Send an LNG fact-check to your local paper

Below is a sample letter to the editor you can send to help debunk LNG propaganda in advance of the upcoming throne speech and the government’s claims of an “ambitious green agenda.” Make the letter your own by adding local relevance, pointing to an article the news outlet recently published on the topic, or linking to your personal experience with the topic.

We’ve compiled a list of contacts to support you in writing to your local papers and newsletters. Be sure to share your letter through blogs, Facebook friends – anywhere there is a public conversation evolving around social shifts and government actions during this historic time. This is a crucial moment to make your voice heard – change is possible!

Download list of newspaper contacts.

Key points to consider

  • The federal government is touting Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as a great investment and part of its “ambitious green agenda,” but there is significant evidence that LNG is anything but.
  • Rather than facts, the government seems to be repeating talking points from the Canadian LNG Alliance, a lobby group of heavily subsidized oil and gas companies with track records for climate denial, Indigenous and human rights abuses, and horrific spills and explosions.
  • The throne speech next week is an opportunity for the federal government to commit to an ambitious agenda to move us out of the COVID-19 slump – an agenda for an economic recovery rooted in justice that meets the needs of the people, not the wishes of massive corporations.

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