Stay strong on Energy East, Premier Wynne

Premier Kathleen Wynne made a mistake. You can call her out on it.

Alongside the Premier of Quebec, Wynne announced seven conditions for the Energy East pipeline.

The pipeline would fail any serious review of these conditions. That’s why the premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick who support the pipeline reacted so quickly and fiercely, in an onslaught of lobbying and media criticism.

Premier Wynne has since backed down from her stronger position on Energy East. In a press conference alongside Alberta’s Premier Prentice, Wynne suggested that her conditions will not include the upstream climate pollution impacts of filling the pipeline.

That’s like trying to understand the environmental impacts of printing a newspaper without considering the trees cut down to make it.

It’s time to take action. Phone and email the Premier to let her know that you expect her to seriously apply the seven conditions for Energy East and reject the pipeline.

1. Call Premier Wynne’s office at 416-325-1941. Please let us know that you called!

Sample script:

  • The tar sands are reaching the limits of pipeline capacity. Energy East would allow the tar sands to expand, unleashing enough climate pollution to undo the progress made from Ontario’s coal phase-out.
  • TransCanada has had five pipeline ruptures in the past 14 months. Energy East crosses critical provincial waterways, including drinking water sources, risking a massive diluted bitumen spill that would be nearly impossible to fully clean up.
  • Ontario can be a climate leader and protect waterways, but not by supporting Energy East.

2. Send an email using the sample below. Personalize your message for an even greater impact.

To: Premier Wynne, provincial leaders and environment critics

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