Submissions to the Canada Water Agency

The Canada Water Agency must play a key role in implementing the human right to water and sanitation at the federal level, strengthen freshwater protection legislation, increase collaboration and coordination across federal agencies and jurisdictions, and exemplify the process of co-development of policies with Indigenous Peoples.

You can use the talking points below as suggestions to guide your submission. We encourage you to include local and regional water issues, and solutions to the issues the Canada Water Agency could address.

The online consultation platform includes a list of five questions to encourage discussions. You can base your submission on these five questions, or structure it as you prefer. We recommend sending a copy of your submission to your local MPs and keeping track of their response.

These are the five questions:

  • What are the most pressing freshwater challenges nationally, and in your region in Canada?
  • What in your opinion are the essential science, data, policy and program gaps that need to be filled in relation to these freshwater challenges?
  • What role would you see a Canada Water Agency playing in filling these gaps?
  • How should a Canada Water Agency work to enhance federal-provincial-territorial coordination and cooperation?
  • What role should a Canada Water Agency have in working with Indigenous Peoples on freshwater management issues?


Additional points to consider in your submission