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Photograph of Parliament Hill by West Annex News

The House of Commons recently voted to pass the Unfair Elections Act, but the campaign to stop it isn’t over. Now the bill will go to the Senate and could pass there within a matter of weeks.

Take action now to urge Senators to reject this attack on democracy.

Thanks to your support, some of the worst parts of the bill have been amended. But it’s still deeply flawed, and we’re now at a turning point.

Here’s a snapshot of why we still need to do everything we can to stop the Unfair Elections Act:

  • The bill still doesn’t give the Commissioner of Elections the power to compel testimony or eliminate the potential for abuse of party databases. This is all the more concerning given the Conservative Party’s lawyer was recently found to have given false information to Elections Canada during its investigation into the 2011 election fraud.
  • The Chief Electoral Officer will still be restricted in several ways from educating the public about democracy and warning voters about election fraud.
  • Robocall companies still won’t have to supply scripts used or numbers called to investigators.
  • The role of Elections Canada to provide civic education programs will still be eliminated for young people between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • The Federal Court ruled that widespread election fraud that took place in 2011, that it was orchestrated, and that the likely source of the information used to carry it out was the Conservative Party’s database. The bill still does nothing to address this. The report of Commissioner of Canada Elections investigation into the 2011 election fraud is being used to claim there was no campaign of voter suppression in 2011. But this report has been shown to be “fatally flawed.”

Minister Poilievre claims he and the Conservatives “have won this debate,” but simply saying it does not make it so.

Take action now

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