Time for a real debate on CETA

Looking out for Canada means saying NO to CETA

UPDATE: Thanks to public pressure from people like you, the Canadian government has finally released the text of CETA. But there are still no plans for public consultation. Demand a real debate now!

For more than five years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stubbornly refused to release even one page of the secret Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Europe. Today was the first time Canadians were allowed to see the official text -- the same day we were told no changes are possible. But opposition to the deal is growing in Europe, with German officials stating clearly on the eve of the summit that they won't support CETA if it contains the controversial investor-state dispute resolution process. So we know that changes will either have to be made, or CETA is dead in the water.

It’s long past time for a real debate on CETA. The ratification process in Europe will take at least a year, giving the federal and provincial governments plenty of time to consult with Canadians on whether CETA is in our best interests.

Corporations have had their say throughout the process – now that the text has finally been released, it’s our turn.


Send your letter now to the Prime Minister, federal opposition party leaders, and your provincial premier to demand a full, meaningful, and democratic consultation process before CETA is signed and implemented.

Trade agreements should work for everyone, but they never will as long as they're negotiated in secret, signed by one person, and passed into law without any real opportunity for citizens to have a say.


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