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Don’t let Ford give water to billionaires during a drought!

Take a moment and tell the Ford government that this is the perfect time to stop handing out permits that allow for the extraction and sale of vulnerable…

📞 Dial to ditch fossil fuel subsidies!

Click to call the MPs and key ministers that Pieridae Energy has been lobbying on the east coast to invest nearly $1B of public money in the Goldboro LNG…

Make a call for long-term care

Call on your MP to implement meaningful national standards, now! Then, use the comment section on Facebook to tell us who your MP is and what their response…

Ontario: Help protect the worlds’ purest groundwater

The Sarjeant Company wants to extract billions of litres of groundwater from the sensitive Waverley Uplands for use in two new gravel pits, threatening the…

Tell the federal government to protect the Rocky Mountains and rivers

Act now to request a federal review for the Tent Mountain Project, a coal mine proposed for the Rockies that plans to extract 4,925 tonnes of coal per day,…

Alberta: Stop Coal Mine exploration and development now!

Pressure the Alberta government to protect the Rockies and headwaters by stopping all coal activity on the Eastern Slopes and ensure that consultation around a…

Petition: Strengthen the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act

Net-Zero can’t wait until 2050. Sign this petition to The Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to strengthen Bill-C12.

Protect the Ottawa River from nuclear waste contamination

Building a nuclear dump at Chalk River will threaten the drinking water source for millions of people downstream for generations. Tell Ottawa city council to…

Don't let Pfizer call the shots: say no to new tax cuts for big pharma!

As the Globe and Mail has revealed, in the middle of this crushing global pandemic, Pfizer made an extraordinary pre budget submission to the Commons Finance…

Call for a moratorium and inquiry on offshore drilling in Nova Scotia

Add your voice to this call for a moratorium and inquiry on offshore drilling in Nova Scotia.

Just recovery for people not corporations

Tell the federal government that privatization should play no part in pandemic recovery plans!

Pledge to Protect Water

The fight against Nestlé and other corporate water takings for profit is not over » Take this pledge to protect water and say no to bottled water.

Protect our public transit systems

Add your voice to dozens of organizations and thousands of people demanding a just recovery for public transit.

End back-room, corporate trade negotiations

Tell the Liberal government you want the meaningful, democratic trade process they promised and not just a rubber stamp of approval.

Take action for pharmacare

Email your Member of Parliament, Health Minister Hajdu and Prime Minister Trudeau and tell them that now is the time to make pharmacare a reality.

Petition: Support our elderly in long-term care and seniors’ care homes

Sign this petition to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Seniors to let them know you think that seniors deserve better in the COVID-19 crisis.

Trudeau: Time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations

Call on the federal government to fulfill their promise made in 2015 to put an end to all long-term drinking water advisories in all First Nations.   Twitter…