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People Power

Help put some of the country’s most important issues into the spotlight by taking one of our actions.

Speak up for B.C. groundwater!

B.C.’s groundwater is under threat and you to can help. Tell your MLA and Premier Horgan to respect the community's demand and say NO to water bottling…

Jason Kenney, leave Alberta’s parks alone!

Alberta, we need your help to hold the government to account. Send a letter to Minister of Environment Jason Nixon and Premier Jason Kenney and let them know…

Tell Doug Ford to end for-profit seniors care

Send a letter to Premier Ford demanding that Bill 175 be fundamentally changed to reverse the privatization and deregulation of homecare.

Take action for pharmacare

If we want universal pharmacare, we have to demand it. Email Prime Minister Trudeau today to tell him we need a national pharmacare plan, and we need it NOW.

Nova Scotia: Call for a stop to Alton Gas

Work is continuing at the Alton Gas project site despite a Supreme Court decision to stop work and restart consultation with Sipekne’katik First Nation.

Demand a just recovery

Add your voice for a just recovery and a Green New Deal that puts people and communities first.

Petition: Support our elderly in long-term care and seniors’ care homes

Join us in calling on the federal government to bring homes into public hands, provide a coordinated seniors’ care strategy to be implemented in all provinces…

Stop Big Oil's secret demands #COVID-19

Sign this open letter: Tell the government that its focus should be on people, workers and communities, not on bailing out and catering to the corporate…

Bail out workers, not Big Oil bosses #COVID-19

Join the call to bail out people and communities, not corporations and billionaires. Write to Prime Minister Trudeau today and demand supports for workers and…

Trudeau: Put public health before Big Oil profits #COVID-19

Write to Prime Minister Trudeau to demand his government put public health and community wellbeing first by shutting down the energy camps and implementing a…

Trade is for the people, not just the one per cent

Help change the trade process! Write today to the International Trade Committee and share your thoughts.

Tell Minister Freeland: We need a real debate in Canada on NAFTA 2.1!

Tell Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and your MP that you want a meaningful democratic debate on the new NAFTA and not just a rubber stamp of approval.

Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en

Call on your MP to ensure that the rights of Indigenous nations are upheld, and that nation-to-nation relationships are respectful.

Stop Nestlé’s water takings in B.C.

Urge the B.C. government to stop Nestlé and other bottled water companies from taking water and selling it for huge profits. We must protect water for…

Help turn your community blue!

Sign up to make your community a Blue Community! We will send you the information you need to get started to join the dozens of Blue Communities around the…

Ontario: Protect water for people, not for Nestlé

Nestlé is a multinational corporation that pumps precious groundwater and bottles and sells it for enormous profit. Urge the Ontario government is obligated to…

Release police accountability report in NB

During the anti-fracking protests in 2013, the RCMP surveilled, monitored, and harassed a number of activists for attempting to protect their water and homes…

Grassy Narrows deserves a trust - Add your voice!

The people of Grassy Narrows First Nation have been waiting for more than 50 years for our governments to address the terrible mercury contamination of their…

It's time for a national pharmacare program

Send your message to the Prime Minister now. Tell him that now is the time to make pharmacare a reality.

Trudeau: Time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations

Call on the federal government to fulfill their promise made in 2015 to put an end to all long-term drinking water advisories in all First Nations.

Sign up to help build a Green New Deal Community

Help win a Green New Deal by turning your community into a Green New Deal Community. Together, we can build a Green New Deal from the ground up.

Premier Moe: SK needs a just transition

Send a letter to the SK government to address their weak target for the oil and gas sector of a 10 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.

Pledge to fight Doug Ford’s agenda

Join people across Ontario who are coming together to save our vital social programs, protect water and the environment, safeguard our communities and workers…

Petition: Ban Fracking Now

In order to uphold Canada’s international obligation to protect the human right to water and sanitation, urge the federal government to place a ban on future…

Keep rBGH-laced milk out of Canada

Canada's decision not to license rBGH is just one of many of our higher safety standards that are threatened by new trade agreements – and the Government of…

Nova Scotia: Offshore drilling not worth the risk

Call on the Trudeau government to institute a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration until such time as a full, independent public inquiry has been…

Tell Trudeau to #RejectTeck, the largest tar sands mine proposal ever

Allowing this project to go forward would be a dramatic step away from the fairer, renewable energy economy we need to be building. 

Boycott Nestlé pledge

Let's stop Nestlé from profiting from water. Together, we can ensure our water is protected for generations to come.

Petition: Protect Every Lake, Every River

Call on the federal government to implement the visionary water protection legislation Canada needs in order to ensure we protect water today and for future…