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A 100% renewable SK is 100% possible

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently told us we need to do more – quickly – on climate change, but our provincial government is trying to get away with doing even less.

Premier Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Party government is challenging the federal government’s carbon pricing plan in court to try to get out of it. Meanwhile, the Moe government’s climate plan, “Prairie Resilience” is largely just a redressing of the plan from eight years ago. In particular, it sets an incredibly weak target for the oil and gas sector of a 10 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.

You and I can’t let this happen because we have the solutions. We have the policies and technologies we need for a fair and fast transition to renewable energy that protects workers and upholds Indigenous rights. Tell Premier Moe and your local MLA now that their plan is not enough.

Right now, the Council of Canadians is working on two important strategies to push Saskatchewan towards this just transition:

1) With the support of people like you, the Council is joining with seven other social and environmental justice organizations to intervene in Saskatchewan’s case against the federal carbon pricing plan, which is being heard in Regina today! Trudeau’s plan is far from perfect, but a ruling allowing a provincial government to opt out of a federal climate plan would set a legal precedent we cannot afford. If you haven’t already, you can still add your support to this legal case.

2) The Council’s Saskatchewan-based chapters will also be presenting a formal petition to the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, calling for a climate plan that does do enough.This petition is legally binding and will require the Assembly to discuss it if enough handwritten signatures are collected. You can print, sign, and mail the petition following the instructions here.

You can also amplify these demands by sending a letter to Premier Moe, Environment Minister Dustin Duncan and your local MLA.

The petition calls for:

A 100% Renewable SK is 100% Possible
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Thank you for taking action. Together, we can ensure a 100% renewable future for us all.


Jim Elliott

Chairperson, the Regina Chapter of the Council of Canadians