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200 more arrested in Copenhagen

The Globe and Mail reports that Danish police on Sunday detained “more than 200 people on a second day of demonstrations (near where) environment ministers met for informal talks to advance negotiations on a new pact.”

“A day earlier, police had detained nearly 1,000 activists (968, to be specific) at the tail end of a (100,000 person) march toward the suburban conference center (the Bella Centre) where the 192-nation UN climate conference is being held.”

“The detainees were from a range of European countries as well as the U.S, Kenya, Belarus, Japan, Mongolia, China and Turkey, police said.”

“Only 13 of them remained in custody Sunday. Of those, three — two Danes and a Frenchman — were set to be arraigned in court on preliminary charges of fighting with police.”

“Critics blasted the Danish law that allows police to make preventative arrests if they believe a demonstration will turn violent and hold suspected troublemakers for up to 12 hours without a court arraignment.”

The CBC adds that, “Environmental groups have (also) complained that protesters were held overnight without water, access to washrooms or medical attention.”

The news reports are at http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/climate-change/police-detain-hundreds-on-second-day-of-copenhagen-rallies/article1398800/?service=mobile and http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/12/13/climate-conference.html.