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63% of Canadians say suspending Parliament is antidemocratic

CBC reports that an EKOS poll released exclusively to CBC News has found that:

– 67 per cent of Canadians are at least somewhat aware of Harper’s decision to prorogue, or shut down, Parliament until March.
– Of those who were aware of the decision, 58 per cent opposed the move. (By comparison, 31 per cent of those polled supported the move.)

– 63 per cent of Canadians favoured the statement, “The elected house of Parliament is the proper place to conduct the business of the nation, and suspending Parliament is antidemocratic.” (Just over a third favoured the statement, “By shutting down Parliament, Stephen Harper can consult directly with Canadians in preparation for the next federal budget.”)

The news report is at http://www.cbc.ca/politics/story/2010/01/07/ekos-poll-prorogue.html.