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In support of our campaigns and organizing, we publish insightful research and hard-hitting analysis and keep our members and supporters informed.

Election Ontario Climate

On June 2nd, vote for climate justice in Ontario

In April 2019, I was among countless other Ottawa residents watching anxiously as the flood water rose past the historic ...
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LNG tanker in ocean

Letter: Commit to decarbonization to address today’s crises

See the full letter with French and German translation and full list of signatories here. Die deutsche Version des Briefs ...
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Election Ontario

Developers or Ontarians: Who decides what your community looks like?

In its four years in power, the Ford government has eagerly and shamelessly pushed forward developers’ unregulated sprawl agenda ...
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Equinor Thousands Oppose Projection

Equinor’s Bay du Nord offshore oil project must go!

The Canadian government has approved Bay Du Nord, a proposed deepwater offshore oil project, despite calls by the Intergovernmental Panel ...
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May Day 2022

Council of Canadians chapters celebrate May Day 2022 in Ontario

On May 1, Council of Canadians chapters across Ontario joined our labour allies and community groups to celebrate International Workers’ ...
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Workers of the future

May Day message from the future: A just transition for Ontario

Dylan Penner's speech at this year's May Day rally in Ottawa ...
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Oil smokestack

Letter from 113 organizations re: ending fossil fuel subsidies and public finance

To: The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of FinanceThe Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources CanadaThe Honourable ...
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Moderna plant in Montreal not a cause for celebration, vaccine equity advocates say

Instead of rolling out the red carpet for private vaccine producers, we should reduce our reliance on corporations that put ...
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Still Hopeful book by Maude Barlow

‘Hope is a moral imperative’: A review of Maude Barlow’s new book

Still Hopeful outlines the major lessons Maude Barlow has learned from a lifetime of activism, writes Paul Moist ...
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Canada needs a just transition from fossil fuels

The Liberals’ plan to fight fire with fire won’t turn down the climate heat

If the federal Liberal government was a firefighter, its fire hose would be filled with gasoline instead of water ...
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Pollution without borders

Coalition of environmental groups calls for a federal ban on thermal coal exports on Earth Day

OTTAWA/TRADITIONAL, UNCEDED TERRITORY OF THE ALGONQUIN ANISHNAABEG PEOPLE – A coalition of environmental, health, and social justice groups are calling ...
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What you didn’t know about the Liberal-NDP Pharmacare plan

What you didn’t know about the Liberal-NDP Pharmacare plan

Fundamentally, the federal government’s success in the road towards a universal, single-payer, public, national pharmacare system will depend on one ...
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