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In support of our campaigns and organizing, we publish insightful research and hard-hitting analysis and keep our members and supporters informed.

Just Transition petitions on Parliament Hill

To win a just transition, we need to dream big—and organize big

Earlier this year, the government tabled the Sustainable Jobs Act, after years of collective organizing from a broad of coalition ...
Public Banks Public Utilities

We need a public-powered just transition

For a just transition to be truly just, it must be public. In order to ensure that Indigenous peoples, workers, migrants, ...
grill the parties, not the planet

Grill the parties not the planet

As our communities face the devastating wildfires this summer, federal politicians are engaging with constituents at barbecues and meet-and-greets. It’s ...
Pearl White Quills singing at the Canada is Burning rally with the Calgary Chapter yesterday.

Canada is burning: take action for a just transition

As wildfires rage from coast-to-coast, join a day of action to get the government to take the climate emergency seriously ...
A just transition means no worker left behind

“Sustainable Jobs” bill shows us we need to ramp up our organizing

Imagine if a company sold you a jigsaw puzzle. You open the box and there are only two or three ...
Stop Funding Big Oil Fossil Fuel Subsidies

No More Public Money for Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Oil and gas CEOs have profited immensely for decades from activities that are fueling the climate crisis and polluting the ...
bay du Nord shelved for 3 years

BAY Du Nord Shelved

The Council congratulates all those fighting against new oil and gas projects on today’s news ...
clean electricity regulations

Clean Electricity Regulations

We are living through multiple emergencies, with fewer and fewer people able to escape the impacts of the escalating climate ...
Communities, Not Corporations: Transition for People and the Planet

Transition for People and the Planet, Webinar on May 24

You know as well as we do that Canada’s transition away from fossil fuels needs to be a process that ...
Climate Justice is Labour Justice #RaisetheBar

Can’t Stand the Heat? Get Out of the Kitchen! – A new report from our allies at the Worker Solidarity Network

Workers across sectors are already feeling the negative impacts of the climate crisis. After years of increasingly severe weather, we’ve ...
The Council of Canadians Atlantic Region

Spring 2023 Chapter Update: Atlantic Region

In the past four years, the world has faced many challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reimagine what solidarity ...
The Council of Canadians Pacific Region

Spring 2023 Chapter Update: Pacific Region

After many years of living in colder climates to the east, I’m grateful to be back home on the unceded ...