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In support of our campaigns and organizing, we publish insightful research and hard-hitting analysis and keep our members and supporters informed.

March for the Land on September 27

Ford wants to bulldoze his way through First Nations land. The Land Alliance won’t let him. 

In Northern Ontario, five strong First Nations have pledged to stand united to protect the land and water and defend ...
Remembering Leo Cheverie

Remembering Leo Cheverie

The Council of Canadians extends our condolences to the friends and family of Leo Cheverie – activist, union leader, arts ...
Public Banks Public Utilities

We need a public-powered just transition

For a just transition to be truly just, it must be public. In order to ensure that Indigenous peoples, workers, migrants, ...
Remembering Veronica Swan

Remembering Veronica Swan

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Veronica Swan, one of the original members of the ...
Guilbeault clean electricity regulations

Keep fossil fuels out of Canada’s clean energy rules

The federal government has released the first draft of its long-awaited regulations on clean electricity – regulations that bring us ...
Pill donations ploy pharmacare

‘Free medicines’ program an industry ploy to stop public pharmacare

With pharmacare legislation expected this fall, the insurance industry is ramping up efforts to protect its profits ...
grill the parties, not the planet

Grill the parties not the planet

As our communities face the devastating wildfires this summer, federal politicians are engaging with constituents at barbecues and meet-and-greets. It’s ...
You'll never believe what pharmacare will save us

Pharmacare will save us a s***load on downstream health care costs (Part 2 of 2)

Four points about what pharmacare will cost – and what it will save – that some Liberal officials don’t seem ...
Water Drops delivery on Parliament Hill by students June 2023

Thousands of students have asked Trudeau to end the First Nations water crisis

On Tuesday, we delivered the latest collection of Water Drops to Prime Minister Trudeau with the help of some Ottawa ...
Pearl White Quills singing at the Canada is Burning rally with the Calgary Chapter yesterday.

Canada is burning: take action for a just transition

As wildfires rage from coast-to-coast, join a day of action to get the government to take the climate emergency seriously ...
Universal Public pharmacare will save us a shitload

Memo to the Trudeau government: Pharmacare will SAVE us a s***load (Part 1 of 2)

Four points about what pharmacare will cost – and what it will save – that some Liberal officials don’t seem ...
Military uniforms with Canadian patch

Guns or butter

The classic question of what a government should spend on is described as a choice of “guns or butter” – ...