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In support of our campaigns and organizing, we publish insightful research and hard-hitting analysis and keep our members and supporters informed.

Flood Parliament text on Parliament Hill

New Year’s Resolution: Flood Parliament for a Just Transition

You are invited to join our “Flood Parliament for a Just Transition!” action event. Learn more about the campaign and ...
11 High Point Road, Toronto.

Taxing Canada’s billionaires: a climate solution

Wealth disparity is growing. The richest people in Canada hold more political and economic power than ever while regular working ...
made in canada

Made in Canada (still) Matters!

Reports on “public-private partnership” (P3) contracts show how transit is going from a public good to an income generator for ...
CCUS is the worst

CCUS: Capturing more public funds than carbon since 1972

Let’s be very clear: carbon capture, utilization, and storage is NOT a climate solution. It’s a prime example of greenwashing ...
no clean oil

Storm of the Century, an Annual Event?

Canada’s approval of Bay du Nord project shows the government still not taking climate change seriously ...
Go Support 1587

Solidarity with the GO Transit Strike

Why are GO Transit workers on strike? The 2200 GO transit workers of ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) Canada Local 1587 ...
Free, prior, and informed consent is a bare minimum

As the toll of the tar sands on Indigenous communities grows, Canada continues to fail in its obligations to UNDRIP

For decades government and industry have been making decisions about tar sands development without the free, prior, and informed consent ...
Keep toxic tailings out of the athabasca

No more broken promises: holding government and industry accountable for toxic tailings ponds

Since time immemorial the Athabasca River has been a powerful source of life in what is currently called Alberta. A ...
A future we can win

A future we can win

When it comes to the climate, the news is rarely good. When we’re consistently up against powerful fossil fuel corporations ...
just Corporate interests

Big business is hijacking the language of a just transition – we can’t let that happen 

On March 20, 2022, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Canada’s fifth-largest bank, posted an episode to their podcast, ...
Privatization is a climate killer

Privatization is a climate killer

*Originally published on Canadian Dimension*Governments are trying to convince us that privatization and so-called public-private partnerships (P3s) are solutions to ...
flood parliament petitions

Ottawa MPs need to hear from you about a just transition

Time is running out for MPs to table the petition before the House of Commons breaks until September ...