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Act now! April 14, Critical vote for the Climate Change Accountability Act

The Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) will be facing a crucial vote on Wednesday April 14 that will determine its fate.

Because of a surprise House of Commons procedural motion taken by the Conservatives, the recently scheduled debate on Bill C-311 was cancelled making April 14 an important date for the future of the Bill.

On April 14, MPs will be voting on whether to support Bill C-311 moving forward to Third Reading, or not. In order to secure this Bill’s progress, we need to step up pressure on MPs to support the Bill.  We know the NDP and Bloc caucuses have shown consistent support for Bill C-311. We also know that Liberal MPs have shown wavering support for the Bill, having voted to extend the committee level review (back in November, read more here).

Take action:

  • Use our updated action alert to send an email to Party leaders calling on their support for the Climate Change Accountability Act. Action alert
  • Send an email and call you’re MP, this is particularly important if you are in a Liberal riding, and urge their support for Bill C-311 on April 14. Find your MP’s contact information here.

The Council of Canadians has consistently called for the passage of the Climate Change Accountability including reporting on its progress, issuing and updating our action alert, signing an open letter alongside a number of other prominent Canadian organizations and calling for its passage as part of our participation in the global days of climate action on October 24 and December 12.

While our climate justice campaign demands even deeper emission reductions (at least 40 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020), and we are disappointed that our government has not already committed to these targets, the Climate Change Accountability Act is the only climate legislation before the House of Commons. Passing Bill C-311 is a necessary first step in establishing legal requirements for emission reductions, failing to pass this Bill will result in further delays, an unacceptable option.