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ACTION ALERT: Call Minister Bartolucci to End Mining and Protect Water in KI Homeland

Kitchenuhmayhoodib Inninuwug (KI) and the Toronto KI support network have launched a phone action to demand that Ontario Minister of Northern Development and Mines end mining and mineral exploration on KI homeland until there is consent and consultation with the community.

Call Minister Rick Bartolucci at 416-327-0633 or at his constituency office at 705-6785-1914.

Chief Donny Morris has made a YouTube video publicly explaining that the Minster’s office has been deliberately ignoring the chief’s letters concerning industrial activity on their land. This shows a clear disregard for KI’s Consultation Protocol and Water Declaration and that the Minister has failed, as of yet, to work with the community.

The KI Watershed Declaration applies to 13,025km2 of boreal rivers, lakes, forests, and wetlands and asserts that this area be protected through KI care and authority. In the declaration, KI has called on supporters:

“We call on our supporters to recognize and respect this declaration. We call on you to fulfill your duty as treaty people to take action, under our direction, to hold your government accountable to respecting this declaration. Please stand with us as we assert and implement our Indigenous Laws and responsibilities. Together we can protect this sacred water for all people, all animals, all plants and all life.”

Council of Canadians is supporting the call to action and the community’s fight to protect water for future generations.

Toronto KI supporters put up posters around the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

When you call Minister Bartolucci’s office you can:

1. Demand that God’s Lake Resources’ mining exploration project in the KI sacred landscapes end immediately to ensure that the watershed is protected.

2. Recognize and respect KI’s Water Declaration and Consultation Protocol.

3. Recognize and respect KI’s moratorium on logging, mining exploration and industrial activity unless there is consent from the community and that the operations have been agreed to through KI’s Consultation Protocol.

The Council of Canadians has supported previous calls to action in support of KI and we will continue to support those working to protect the right to water. For more information visit www.KIlands.org.