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ACTION ALERT: CIDA de-funding of CCIC is imminent

A Canadian Council for International Cooperation media release tells us, “CIDA funding to the CCIC, Canada’s pre- eminent coalition to end global poverty, is in doubt. A critical and well-respected voice for the world’s poor risks being silenced if funding to CCIC is cut off.”

Gerry Barr, CCIC’s President and CEO, says, “Unfortunately, it’s hard not to see de-funding as yet another example of the ‘political chill’ message this government has been sending to the development community. What we’re experiencing here is punishment politics. Speak out against government policy and risk losing your funding.”

The media release adds, “CCIC has given notice of layoff to all but 8 staff and has taken steps to liquidate its resources, including selling its office space, in order to meet costs associated with severance and near- term operations.”

The Canadian Council for International Cooperation is asking you to:

  • Write to the Minister for International Co-operation Bev Oda
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Post a statement of support on CCIC’s facebook page

How you can do this and more information on this situation is at