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ACTION ALERT: Support Bill C-474 on GE crops before tomorrow’s vote

Members of Parliament will vote tomorrow for or against a 30-day extension to the debate on Bill C-474 at the Agriculture Commitee.

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network is demanding that the requested extension to the debate be granted. “If Members of Parliament vote against the extension, the debate on Bill C-474 will be squashed and the Bill will be quickly returned to the House for a final vote… The Liberals have indicated they will not support Bill C-474!”

What is Bill C-474? “Bill C-474 would support Canadian farmers by requiring that ‘an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new genetically engineered seed is permitted.’ This Bill is a critical opportunity to stop dangerous GE crops. Bill C-474 begins a real debate over the impacts of GE crops. If the Bill is passed it would stop GE wheat and GE alfalfa. The Bill was introduced by Alex Atamanenko, the NDP Agriculture Critic and MP for British Columbia Southern Interior.”

To take action on this, please go to the CBAN action alert at http://www.cban.ca/Take-Action/Act-Now/Save-Bill-C-474-from-Liberal-Party-Sabotage. Your letter will go to Frank Valeriote, the Liberal MP for Guelph, who unfortunately is working with Conservative MP Randy Hoback against the passage of Bill C-474. Please demand that he support the 30-day extension of debate and that the Liberals support C-474.

For more information, you can go to http://canadians.org/action/2010/Bill-C-474-Mar-29.html.