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Action Alert for Temacapulín, México

Christmas and New Year’s Holiday bring mixed feelings to Temacapulín. This is a town that has seen many people migrate to cities in Mexico and the US and the holiday season brings many back home to celebrate with their family and friends in their hometown. However, the holiday season is also feared because those pushing for the completion of the dam use the slowdown of activities and general unawareness to impose this undesired project. Recently villagers of Temacapulín received edicts that menace with expropriation of their property. This means that their homes and lands would be compulsory sold at very low prices. This is as a result of the resistance of the people of Temacapulín. They refuse to be displaced and will not willingly sell their property. So the government says that if they negotiate, their land could be paid at 2.8 USD per cubic meter; but if they refuse to sell it will be taken away for 0.28 or even less. In the action alert (in Spanish) the movement voices: “We denounce the state and federal authorities are engaging in intimidation again to proceed to irregular displacement of the community, lobbying and threatening to force communities to negotiate or otherwise face expropriation”. Please consider signing this action alert to show the Mexican authorities that even on holiday “The eyes of the world are on Temacapulín”. To sign, please go to: