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ACTION: Support the day of action against GM alfalfa on April 9

Council of Canadians activists are encouraged to work to stop the release of genetically modified alfalfa in Canada.

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network tell us that Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa could be registered for use in Canada next month by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

This is a serious concern because, “Alfalfa is used to produce many of the foods we eat! Alfalfa (commonly harvested as hay) is high-protein feed for animals like dairy cows, beef cattle, lambs, poultry and pigs. It’s also used to build nutrients in the soil and is important for organic farming. Because alfalfa is a perennial plant that is pollinated by bees, genetically modified alfalfa will inevitably cross-pollinate with non-GM and organic alfalfa, threatening the livelihoods of family farmers across Canada.”

At least 19 different communities will be taking part in a national day of action on April 9.

To find out more about how you can participate in these actions – plus other ways you can support this campaign – please go here.