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AUDIO: European parliamentarian on Canadian lobbying against the EFQD

Satu Hassi

Satu Hassi

Member of the European Parliament Satu Hassi recently stated, “The government of Canada has been lobbying us (on the tar sands) in a manner that is not acceptable.” The Green Party MEP from Finland is critical of how the Harper government has lobbied against the proposed European Fuel Quality Directive, which seeks to put a measure on the carbon footprint of fuels, including those coming from the northern Alberta tar sands.

To listen to Hassi on CBC Radio’s The Current, go to ‘part two’ of the April 7 broadcast at http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Radio/The_Current/1450068094/ID=1872117970.

The Greens-European Free Alliance hold 55 seats in the European Parliament.