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Barlow in Bavaria to promote public water, challenge CETA

Barlow speaking in Munich earlier today. Photo by Adrian Bebb.

Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow is in Bavaria, Germany to promote public water and oppose the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Barlow tells us, “I am here for a three-city tour in Bavaria to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Bavarian Association of Municipal Drinking Water Services, who have fought for clean, safe, local and public water before most.”

She spoke in Würzburg yesterday, is in Munich today, and will also visit Marburg.

Yesterday, she tweeted, “Leaving the lovely water warriors of Würzburg, Bavaria who have protected their water as a public trust for 30 years!”

She was in Bavaria when news broke about the collapse of CETA negotiations.

Articles in the German newspapers Deutsche Welle and Die Welt quoted Barlow stating, “This major setback for CETA is not just because of Wallonia alone. There is deep, widespread opposition to CETA and many millions of people agree with Wallonia’s stance. Thousands across Europe and Canada spoke up and took action to make this happen. This collapse of attempts to reach a deal on CETA shows governments should listen to people instead of trying to push these deals through against the wishes of the people they’re elected to represent.”

And Süddeutsche Zeitung reported (in German), “The Canadian activist Maude Barlow will be speaking on this Saturday, October 22, from 3.30 pm on ‘Human rights on water – vision or illusion?’ Barlow is globally committed to the realization of this human right. The event in Hofbräuhaus’s ‘Kammershaushaus’, Platzl 9, ends at 6 pm.”

That event was organized by five organizations – AöW, BUND Bavaria, tradeunion ver.di, attac Munich, Umweltinstitut Munich, Wateralliance Munich.

During her speech, Adrian Bebb tweeted:

– #CETA was negotiated by the #Harper government – the most right wing government in their history. Progressive #CETA? @MaudeBarlow

– #CETA will open up Europe to legal #ICS challenges from US companies says @MaudeBarlow and restrict public ownership of water. #stopCETA

– The world is in crisis. Water demand is increasing. Water supplies going down. The inspiring @MaudeBarlow in #Munich #Hofbrauhaus

Barlow also joined with allies and held a sign that said in German, “Wallonia, we support your position against CETA”.

On Monday, Barlow will be in Marburg where she will be welcomed by the First Mayor, sign the Golden Book of Marburg, and give a speech about public water at City Hall.

And on Tuesday, Barlow will be in Geneva to present a blue community certificate to the World Council of Churches.

The WCC notes, “Maude Barlow will deliver the Keynote address, award the WCC a ‘blue community certificate’ and inaugurate tap water-based public water fountains at the Ecumenical Centre.” The World Council of Churches is a worldwide fellowship of 349 global, regional and sub-regional, national and local churches. The fellowship includes denominations collectively representing a Christian population of some 590 million people in nearly 150 countries in all regions of the world.