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Barlow calls for release of the Arctic 30

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow and more than 75 other recipients of the Right Livelihood Award have signed a letter that calls on “Russian authorities to immediately release the 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists from the ‘Arctic Sunrise’ arrested for their peaceful protest of the Prirazlomnaya oil platform belonging to the international oil and gas company Gazprom.”

Stand with them

The letter states, “We further applaud the sober minded and non-violent protests against Gazprom’s oil drilling in the Arctic, which poses a dangerous threat to the fragile Arctic environment and the global climate.” It also highlights, “Only a consequent development of renewable energies and energy efficiency and the corresponding redirection of investments can lead the way out of our devastating reliance on fossil fuels.”


To read the letter in full, please go here.

To see a very powerful short video on the arrest of the Arctic 30, go here. See another video on the support being provided to the Arctic 30 over the past fifty days of their captivity

You can also send a letter to the Russian embassy – as I have done – calling for the release of the Arctic 30 and for an end to Arctic drilling for good.