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Barlow says Saskatchewan, world approaching fresh water crisis

The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix reports today that, “The river cutting through Saskatoon is at risk, says the United Nations’ senior adviser on water. The streams that feed the South Saskatchewan River are also at risk and the glaciers feeding these streams are declining rapidly, said Maude Barlow, who is also Council of Canadians chair.”

“Barlow presented the 42nd Mary Donaldson memorial public lecture at TCU Place, which is hosted annually by the Saskatchewan Library Association. Barlow’s message contrasts sharply with a common perception of Canada as a land with abundant fresh water resources. Canadians have been told for generations that water recycles itself over and over. But that’s not entirely the case any more — the careful balance has been tipped, Barlow said. Major centres dump waste water into the ocean, taking water out of the freshwater table and creating shortages. Diverting streams and groundwater has disrupted natural cycles.”

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